What is Rammed Earth?

Rammed Earth is also known as stabilized earth or pise. It is constructed using a cement stabilized earth aggregate with a water repellant admixture, and is highly compacted into removable formwork. Rammed earth has been widely used as a traditional building material in Australia and overseas. It is now built using interlocking formwork offering a high quality finish and a variety of natural colours, suitable for both domestic and large scale commercial applications.

Rammed earth walls are warm and inviting. They are robust and have excellent thermal properties. The solidity of an earth wall has qualities of serenity and stability. The rich, natural earth hues are ever changing with the light of the day, and remind us of the timeless beauty of the natural landscape.

The remarkable thermal properties of rammed earth and its low embodied energy rating, make it highly valued as an environmental; material. The heat storage capacity of rammed earth evens out day time/night time temperature fluctuations. In conjunction with good rammed earth design, this allows for excellent winter heat storage and highly effective summer heat dispersion, thus maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year.